Thursday, 15 July 2010

Tubelord E.P Artwork

Recently I was asked to produce the artwork for the new Tubelord E.P 'Tezcapilpoca'. The artwork was based around a story that band gave me, which included three kings called Arbor, Ratchet and Bazel who go to visit the Lunar God. The image its self was based upon an old painting I managed to come across of the trinity of god which include the three faces of the lord on one head. I like the way it turned out and it was nice to work on something a little different to usual.

The E.P will be realeased by 'Hassle Records' on the 16th of August and will be on sale in stores across the U.K. Each 10' copy will come complete with a hand screenprinted poster (edition of 500) which I have also designed.

More info available at:

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  1. Good good good good so good
    i loved this picture. One of the most perfect on this theme.